Diving into a submarine sinkhole in Dahab, Egypt

‘The Blue Hole’

Dahab which translates to ‘gold’ in Arabic, became a popular destination for bohemian travellers in the 70’s for its beautiful beaches and low key fishing village. Today, Dahab has much more to offer from snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, rock climbing, markets to incredible seafood restaurants. Dahab was bombed 3 times in 2006 by an Islamic terror organisation and 23 lives were lost. Since then no attacks have occurred in Dahab and tourism here has once again boomed.

Our first day in Dahab was free so it was a lounging by the pool day for Nicole and I. Our hotel resort was great. Nicole and I had a bathroom, mini-fridge, back door to the pool and plenty of space for our luggage. The resort had an outdoor activity booking centre, a massage parlour and a pool overlooking the Red Sea which was less than 10 metres away. A few of us went to the main shopping strip to buy some souvenirs and falafel for lunch. That night we walked into town with our group to our tour leader’s favourite seafood restaurant in Dahab, Aladdin Café. It was an amazing experience!

Our second day in Dahab we drove 20 minutes to the Blue Hole, a must-see destination in the Sinai Peninsula! It’s regarded as one of the top 10 diving spots in the world. It’s named the Blue Hole due to the submarine sinkhole that is 94 metres deep accompanied with a vertical coral reef in the shape of an arch heading 54 metres deep. You must pay an entrance fee of 158EGP / 10USD / 8GBP / 14CAD / 16AUD*. At the entrance point there are memorial plaques for some of those who have died here. The diver death toll is around 130.

It was a hazy day so it was a great for snorkelling. The Blue Hole is located in the middle of barren land and there’s a one-way dirt road. Across from the Blue Hole is snorkelling and scuba diving gear hire, restaurants and cushioned seats to enjoy the sun rays and the view. The pictures speak for themselves!


You can arrive in Dahab from Cairo via 2 routes. A 12-hour bus from Cairo to Dahab or an EgyptAir flight from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh then a public bus or Poseidon Taxi drive North. Within Dahab you can hire quad bikes or bicycles, get a taxi or book transport with your hotel.


Almost every hotel resort in Dahab offers free buffet breakfast which is always a cherry on top. Most resorts have pools and some have an activity booking and equipment hire centre. There’s a few all-inclusive deals going around too. Most are located inside the town of Dahab and sitting along the Gulf of Aqaba.

Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort – 9 (Booking.com) – Nestled in between the city of Dahab and The Red Sea.
Dahab Paradise – 9.1 (Booking.com) – Sitting on the outskirts of Dahab and en route to the Blue Hole.
Tropitel Dahab Oasis – 8 (Booking.com) – Located at the Blue Hole with daily access to snorkelling and scuba diving. It also means you pay a one time entrance fee for your entire stay at the Blue Hole.

‘Tropitel Dahab Oasis with the Blue Hole behind. Credit: Booking.com’


– A guided 12-hour return trip to Mount Sinai to trek the mountains and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St Catherine’s, the oldest Christian monastery in the world. TripAdvisor. 40USD / 33GBP / 56CAD / 66AUD*.
– A 1-hour camel safari shortcut from the Blue Hole to Blue Lagoon. TripAdvisor. 27USD / 22GBP / 38CAD / 45AUD*.


The restaurants in Dahab are to die for! There’s plenty of choices for the whole family to try and love.
Hell’s Kitchen – breakfast, lunch or dinner delights
Shark – Seafood platters
Athanor – Pizzas galore
King Chicken – The local cuisines for a great price

*Based on currency rates at the time of being published.